Project Description

Project Description

McCrossin Foundations was subcontracted to install the drill and install the foundation caissons for the Stacker Tubes at a coal preparation plant in Southern West Virginia.

The diameters of the caissons were 36-inch diameter and were drilled to depths up to 50 feet and including a rock socket up to 20 feet. The caisson shafts were drilled primarily through coal spoil fills and weathered shale in the soil portion and hard to very hard sandstone and limestone bedrock, due to the underlying materials and existing site conditions most of the shafts required temporary casing during installation.

The logistical challenges of working adjacent to an active mining operation with a heavy volume of incoming and outgoing triaxle dump trucks created both a safety and material delivery concern. The delivery of concrete and drilling tooling required had to be closely coordinated at the facilities gates so as not to interfere with the coal trucks.

Project Details

Job Name:Bishop Coal Preparation Plant and Material Handling Facility Stacking Tube Nos. 1 and 2

Job Location: Bishop, West Virginia

Job Type: Drilled Caisson Foundations

Start Date: February 2013

Completion Date: April 2013