Project Description

Project Description

M.A. Bongiovanni was undertaking the construction of the C4 Central Plant, an additional plant for the Williamsport Sanitary Authority in Williamsport, Pennsylvania. McCrossin Foundations was subcontracted to install 107 temporary strand anchor tiebacks with a 96.5-kip design load. Tiebacks were installed through sheet piling and into the underlying silty sands. All tiebacks were soil anchors and post-grouted to meet design criteria. In addition to the tiebacks, 666-each permanent tiedown anchors for the Secondary Clarifier Building and Clarifier 1, 2, 3 and 4 were installed. Tiedowns were installed in stiff lean clays and medium dense, to very dense, sands. A pre-production test program was performed to establish bond length and effectiveness of post-grouting. The tiedowns were locked down once all of the floor slabs were poured.

Project Details

Job Name: C4 Central Plant

Job Location: Williamsport, Pennsylvania

Job Type: Tiebacks and tiedowns

Start Date: January 2011

Completion Date: April 2012