Project Description

Project Description

Temporary support of excavation was installed to support the ground surrounding excavation for the Charles Street Pump Station at the South Williamsport Wastewater Treatment Plant. The shoring was a square cofferdam constructed of cantilever sheet piles. The materials encountered were very dense, silty sand with gravel, and gravel with silt and sand. Underlying bedrock was not encountered; however, the material was too dense to drive. Pre-drilling was performed to enable installation of the sheet piling. A total of 180-linear foot of PZ-27 Gr. 50 steel sheet piling was installed a total of 35-feet from grade.

Project Details

Job Name: Charles Street Pump Station

Job Location: Williamsport, Pennsylvania

Job Type: Shoring and sheet piling

Start Date: April 2012

Completion Date: April 2012