Project Description

Project Description

This building historically was affected by sinkhole activity, experiencing settlement and cracking.  McCrossin Foundations installed 4 underpinning elements to support the building’s southwest corner.  These elements each consisted of 2 micropiles – one acting in compression, one in tension – and a double c-channel needle beam spanning the micropiles and cantilevering under the existing footing.  McCrossin self performed the micropile installation and beam installation, which included drilling and grouting the micropiles in difficult karst terrain, cutting the piles to the proper elevation, and installing the pre-fabricated needle beams.

“McCrossin performed their duties in a very professional manner. They arrived to the site each day on time. They explained to our maintenance personnel what would be needed for the day, stated their time to do it and completed the work on time. If they ran into something they were not expecting they quickly told the staff what it was, how it would be fixed and moved forward to complete the work.” “Their professionalism went a long way towards the completion of the project. We were quite pleased with their performance.”

Peggy Rowzer, Imperial Towers

Project Details

Job Name: Imperial Towers Underpinning

Job Location: State College, Pennsylvania

Job Type: Residential repair due to Sinkhole Activity

Start Date: August 2013

Completion Date: September 2013