Project Description

Project Description

The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation is investing in Interstate 70 construction from the West Virginia border to the New Stanton Interchange. There are 12 active projects currently, seven of which are under construction. Those projects will provide improvements to eight interchanges/ramps, six bridge replacements or reconstructions, and miles of improved roadway and upgrades to the interstates intelligent transportation systems.

This section of the larger project consists of the partial reconfiguration of the Interstates 70/79 interchange known as the South Junction Interchange, plus the rehabilitation of three structures on Interstate 70, the replacement of one structure on Interstate 70, and one structure on SR 2002 (Vance Station Road). The project is located in South Strabane Township, Washington County, PA.

McCrossin Foundations was subcontracted for two distinctly different portions of the project: The first of these was to drill and install 36-inch diameter drilled shafts through fill materials and 30-inch rock sockets up to 20-feet into bedrock for a new structure carrying Interstate 70 over the active Allegheny Valley Railroad train tracks. Access to these shafts was constrained due to the adjacent rail and Interstate 70 traffic. The second portion of the project consisted of drilling 15 each drilled shafts for the bridge caissons of a new structure carrying Interstate 79 North traffic over Interstate 70. These shafts were permanently cased through various overburden materials including fills, alluvial, and colluvium soils. These shafts were 78-inches in diameter with 72-inch rock sockets up to 40-feet into bedrock materials including medium to very hard limestone, sandstone, and siltstone.

Project Details

Job Name: Interstates 70/79 South Junction Improvement Project

Job Location: South Strabane Township, Washington County, Pennsylvania

Job Type: Drilled Shaft Foundations

Start Date: July 2012

Completion Date: Summer 2013