Project Description

Project Description

The original Mt. Lebanon High School building was constructed in 1928. The building which fronts Cochran Road, was constructed in 1930. In 1955, additions were made and the gym, pool, and auditorium wings were added as the community desired increased physical education and fine arts components of the curriculum. In 1972, the Fine Arts Theatre added, again to increase the strength of the fine arts curriculum. At that time, the school housed what were then state-of-the-art science labs, a planetarium, a modern kitchen, and four cafeterias located on four separate floors, a group lecture space, a library, and a center court linking the new building to existing structures. The current building encompasses over 550,000 square feet with a student population of about 1,800 in grades 9-12.

The current renovation is required to meet the current demands for larger classroom sizes, provide an updated layout of the campus to increase efficiency, meet current needs for areas such as the library and cafeterias, provide ADA compliant accessibility, and to upgrade the building’s facilities including heating, electricity, HVAC, and windows.

McCrossin was subcontracted to drill and install the new structure’s foundation utilizing drilled shafts. The shafts have diameters ranging between 30 and 60 inches with depths up to 70 feet from working grades. The drilled shafts have been installed through existing fill materials and socketed into various bedrock materials, including very hard limestone. McCrossin is also providing a design-build cantilevered soldier beam retaining wall to accommodate the construction of a lower level adjacent to existing spread footings.

Project Details

Job Name: Mt. Lebanon High School Additions and Renovations

Job Location: Mt. Lebanon, Pennsylvania

Job Type: Drilled Shaft Foundations

Start Date: March 2012

Completion Date:September  2013