Project Description

Project Description

This project involved a full depth total roadway reconstruction of the Pennsylvania Turnpike’s Northeastern Extension from Milepost A20 to Milepost A26 in Montgomery County.  In order to accomplish this while maintaining a functioning roadway, construction was phased using temporary roadway shoring. McCrossin Foundations was subcontracted to design and install temporary shoring for the complete reconstruction of 7 bridges and 5 culvert structures totaling over 28,000 square-feet of soldier pile and lagging walls. In addition to this work, McCrossin Foundations was contracted to drill and set over 1,200 soldier piles, drill over 1,000 noise wall caissons, install more than 450 tieback anchors, and install over 50,000 square-feet of permanent soil nail walls.

Project Details

Job Name: Pennsylvania Turnpike’s (PTC) Northeastern Extension Reconstruction and Widening Project

Job Location: Montgomery County, PA

Job Type: Soldier Pile and Lagging, Tieback Anchors, Soil Nail & Shotcrete Wall, Noise Wall Caissons

Start Date: July 2014

Completion Date: January 2016