Project Description

Project Description

This project entailed the consolidation of a few local pharmacies into one larger, centralized, store. The project schedule was less than 12 months long and included demolition on the existing site and interior fit out of the new store.

McCrossin Foundations was contracted to install steel beam piles through various fill and alluvial stratums to the underlying sandstone bedrock. Five dynamically-monitored piles were installed on site to verify design assumption and energy produced.

An ICE I-9 hammer was leased and was used in conjunction with an owned Manitowoc 10000 crawler crane to install piles. All was completed in less than 40 crew hours due to the schedule constraints of the building construction.

Project Details

Job Name: Rite Aid Pharmacy

Job Location: White Oak, Pennsylvania

Job Type: Driven Pile Foundations

Start Date: April 2011

Completion Date: April 2011