Project Description

Project Description

McCrossin Foundations was subcontracted to perform foundation remediation work inside of Ross Park Mall, located just outside of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The remediation work was necessary due to the presence of pyritic soil, which when mixed with water, heaved the existing floors to one of the malls wings. The work was performed at night, inside the mall. A low-clearance drill rig was used due to the available 14 feet of headroom. In total, 21 micropiles were installed prior to the new floor slabs being poured. All material was carried into the mall from a staging space outside and every night the drill was removed from the space to allow the General Contractor to perform miscellaneous work throughout the day.

Project Details

Job Name: Ross Park Mall – Pyrite Remediation

Job Location: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Job Type: Micropiles

Start Date: January 2015

Completion Date: January 2015