Project Description

Project Description

McCrossin  Foundations installed a temporary cofferdam for the construction of a new pumping station along Route 97 in Erie, Pennsylvania.  The cofferdam consisted of 78 pairs of PZ-27 sheet piles, driven to a depth of approximately 30 feet. The sheets were driven through 22 feet of loose sandy silt and approximately 8 feet of dense glacial till before hitting bedrock. The sheets were installed using an ICE Model 28D vibratory hammer with an 80-ton crawler crane. Two 3-foot square reinforced concrete rings were installed inside the cofferdam to resist overturning. The General Contractor was able to excavate the required 30-foot depth to install the new pumping station.

Project Details

Job Name: Route 97 Pump Station – Summit Township

Job Location: Erie, Pennsylvania

Job Type: Driven Sheet Piling

Start Date: October 2014

Completion Date: October 2015