Project Description

Project Description

McCrossin Foundations is currently installing bar and strand tieback anchors for temporary shoring for a bridge replacement. Sinclair received 102 soil anchors and 75 soldier beam installations. The anchors and soldier beams were installed in soils consisting mainly of dense, silty sands with layers of gravel and clay. Casing was required for the installation of both soldier beams and anchors in these soil conditions. The anchors installed had lock off loads up to 110 kips. The site hovers above, and is adjacent to, active railroad tracks. We installed and stressed 59 bar anchors, and are currently installing 44 strand anchors. Total area of the temporary shoring was +/- 8600 sq. feet.

Drilling for, and installation of, 72 soldier piles with a maximum depth of 42 feet has already been performed. This work started in early June 2012, and was completed the first week of July 2012.

Project Details

Job Name: Sinclair Lane

Job Location: Baltimore, Maryland

Job Type: Bridge Replacement

Start Date: August 2012

Completion Date: Winter 2012