Project Description

Project Description

The project was a pedestrian walkway ramp from Marshall Avenue to Beaver Avenue.

The project was located under the ramps carrying vehicular traffic from SR 65 to Beaver Avenue that restricted overhead access to a maximum height of 30 feet. The access to the pedestrian ramp footings were also restricted horizontally by the adjacent streets of Beaver Avenue and Chateau Street.

There were a total of 7 piers that utilized rock socketed drilled shafts with a total of twenty two 36-inch shafts with 30-inch rock sockets and two 60-inch diameter drilled shafts with 54-inch rock sockets. The drilled shafts were completed within a six week schedule that allowed the project to be completed on schedule. The rock sockets were installed massive, medium hard sandstone bedrock.

Each rock socket was inspected for cleanliness using a MiniSID device with no more than 1 ½” of sediment at any location and less than ½” of sediment over 50% of the shaft bottom. The non-destructive testing methods of Thermal Integrity Profiling (TIP) and Cross Hole Sonic Logging (CSL) were utilized to verify that no deficiencies occurred during the concrete placements.

Project Details

Job Name: SR 65 – Marshall Avenue Interchange Phase 3

Job Location: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Job Type: Limited Headroom Drilled Caissons

Start Date: February 2013

Completion Date: March 2013