Project Description

Project Description

The Toys R Us building was experiencing settlement and collapse underneath the loading dock and across the back alley driveway. The sinkholes were filled with flowable backfill material and then McCrossin Foundations came in to drill a total of 57 points to varying depths and injected over 150 cubic yards of compaction grout. A trending pattern of loose and voided subsurface material was found to be heading towards and underneath the building. Secondary and tertiary points were added around the voided areas to plug the trending sinkhole activity. Most of the work was conducted around and during the busy holiday delivery schedule, where access to the loading dock for deliveries and repairing the sinkholes were both high priorities. A fast paced schedule and consistent coordination between McCrossin Foundations and Toys R Us led to a timely completion of the project and a successful repair of the sinkhole activity.

Project Details

Job Name: Toys “R” Us Sinkhole Repair

Job Location: York, Pennsylvania

Job Type: Commercial merchandise store repair due to Sinkhole Activity

Start Date: November 2013

Completion Date: December 2013