Project Description

Project Description

This final phase of the Tri Boro Expressway bridge replacement is replacing the T Span section which connects the East Pittsburgh and McKeesport communities to the Expressway. The T Span itself crosses over Turtle Creek, and both Norfolk-Southern and Union Railroads.

McCrossin Foundations drilled and installed six 72-inch diameter shafts with 66-inch rock sockets through hard siltstone, clayshales, limestone, and sandstones. The rock sockets varied in length from 50 to 75 feet as the caissons were installed on a hillside adjacent to the Union Railroad and active Tri Boro Expressway. The shafts were tested for quality using Cross Hole Sonic Logging and for cleanliness prior to concrete placement with a MiniSID. A Self Consolidating Concrete Mix was specified for the drilled shafts to provide for uniform flow throughout the shaft due to the tight spacing of the reinforcing cage steel.

Project Details

Job Name: Tri Boro Bridge T Span Replacement

Job Location: Turtle Creek, Pennsylvania

Job Type: Drilled Shaft Foundations

Start Date: October 2012

Completion Date: November 2012