Project Description

Project Description

McCrossin Foundations was contracted to install the caissons at the University of Pittsburgh’s Salk Hall in Oakland. The length of the project was one month, and the caisson installation was completed ahead of the anticipated schedule. Our scope of work included drilling and installing a total of 79 caissons with diameters ranging from 30 to 48 inches and over 30 feet in total depth with a maximum rock socket of 11 feet in hard sandstones. Due to existing mine voids, coal pillars and mine gob, permanent casings were installed from one foot below the coal seam to two feet above the top of the coal seam which totaled approximately 15 feet.

The caissons had two different cage designs installed by our team: one full- length, and one was the top third of the caisson. We performed the excavating of caissons, furnished and installed temporary casings through overburden soils and fill as required by site conditions, furnished and installed the permanent casing described above, and placed concrete by either the free fall or tremie method as site conditions dictated. The excavated drill spoils were also managed onsite throughout the work and loaded on trucks by our crews.

Project Details

Job Name: University of Pittsburgh, Salk Hall Additions

Job Location: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Job Type: Drilled Shaft Foundations

Start Date: July 2011

Completion Date: August 2011