Project Description

Project Description

McCrossin Foundations was subcontracted to install the drilled shafts for the building foundation and a cantilevered precast lagging soldier beam retaining wall.

The new Advanced Engineering Research Building will add 22,000 sq. feet of flexible and environmentally safe new laboratory and research space as well as an 8,000 sq. feet clean room to meet the needs of high-technology learning and discovery in the new millennium. Offices, classrooms, computer classrooms, learning center, and graduate student space will use 29,000 sq. feet in the new building. The new building will be 60,000 assignable square feet with an unfinished space for future completion of 15,000 sq. feet. The building will form a key quad border in addition to the agricultural science building, the Evansdale Library,NRCCE, and ERB. It will be 4 stories total and 95,000 GSF. The building will be fully integrated into the utility infrastructure for the Evansdale Campus and will have energy efficient systems.

The caissons were ranged in diameter from 30 to 60 inches and were drilled to depths up to 35 feet and including a structural rock socket up to 10 feet. The caisson shafts were drilled primarily through fills, weathered shale and limestone, due to the underlying materials and existing site conditions some shafts required temporary casing during installation. Approximately 700 cubic yards of concrete was installed utilizing the free fall method, we also installed the pre-tied reinforcing caisson cages.

The soldier beam wall scope included us being responsible for the design, engineering and installation of 2,400 sq. feet of a soldier beam and wood lagging wall.

We installed the caissons and soldier beam wall with in an aggressive time frame. Our performance allowed Massaro the remaining foundation work to begin on schedule.

Project Details

Job Name: West Virginia University Advanced Engineering Research Building

Job Location: Morgantown, West Virginia

Job Type: Drilled Caisson Foundations

Start Date: March 2013

Completion Date: April 2013